The AP Java book is created from the bestselling college Computer Science text Introduction to Java Programming. The REVEL for Liang Java is an interactive version of Introduction to Java Programming. For information on the REVEL for Liang Java, please click here. The following table shows the correspondence between the AP version and the REVEL for Liang Java.

AP Version Mapped to REVEL for Liang Java

AP Chapter REVEL Chapter
Chapter 1 Same
Chapter 2 Same
Chapter 3 Same
Chapter 4 Same
Chapter 5 Same
Chapter 6 Same
Chapter 7 REVEL Chapter 7 + Section 7.11.2 Insertion sort (It is REVEL Section 23.2)
Chapter 8 Same
Chapter 9 Same
Chapter 10 REVEL Chapter 10 - Section 10.11 on StringBuilder and StringBuffer in REVEL
Chapter 11 Same
Chapter 12 Same
Chapter 13 REVEL Chapter 13 - REVEL Section 13.11 on Clonable interface + Section 13.8 on the List interface (It is section 20.2, 20.3 in REVEL).
Chapter 14 REVEL Chapter 18 - REVEL Section 18.8 on fractals + Section 14.8 on Mergesort (It is REVEL Section 23.4)