Complete Revision

The book is completely revised in every detail to enhance clarity, content, presentation, examples, and exercises.

New Problems

The book provides 20% new problems for examples and exercises to motivate and stimulate student interest in programming.

Key Points

Each section starts with a Key Point that highlights the important concepts covered in the section.

Check Points

Check Points provide review questions to help students track their progress and evaluate their learning after a major concept or example is covered.

Test Questions

Each chapter provides test questions. They are are grouped by sections for students to do self-test. The questions are graded online.

String Objects Early

The string objects are introduced early in Chapter 4 to enable strings to be used in early part of the book.

Simple IO Early

The simple input and output are early in Chapter 4 to enable students to write programs using files early.

Functions in One Chapter

Functions are now combined into Chapter 6 that covers all issues related to functions in one place.

Common Error sections

Many chapters in early part of the book have a section on common errors and pitfalls to steer students away from common programming errors.

Simplify Complex Examples

Complex examples such as the Sudoku problem in Chapter 8 are moved to the companion Website and replaced by simpler examples.

Algorithm Efficiency and Techniques

Chapter 18 is expanded to introduce algorithmic techniques: dynamic programming, divide-and-conquer, backtracking, and greedy algorithm with new examples to design efficient algorithms.

C+11 New Features

C++11 new features are covered in bonus chapters and on online supplements.

Compilers and IDEs

Tutorials on VC 2012 and GNU compilers are now covered in the online supplements