First Printing Errata (March 1, 2012)

Chapter 1

Page 23, Figure 1.18, the title in the screen shot should be Message, not "Display Message".

Chapter 2

Page 42, line 4 and 5, change int to double.

Chapter 3

Page 97, click here to see a new BMI table. 

Page 100, line 10, insert the symbol " at the end of the line.

Page 104, three lines before check point 3.18, change "Java also provides conditional" to "Java also provides unconditional".

Page 106, in the output box for the first sample run for Listing 3.8, change 2012 to 2008.

Page 131, line 3, change Package 1 to Package 2. 

Chapter 4

Page 136, in Listing 4.1, lines 5-6, change % to *.

Page 167, in Exercise 4.5, delete "and that 1 pound is .45 kilograms."

Page 168, in Exercise 4.6, delete "and that 1 kilometer is .621 miles."

Chapter 5

Page 182, 10 line above Figure 5.3, change "and then" to "and then m2 calls".

Page 186, line -2, remove the question mark (?).

Chapter 6

Page 229, in line 11, missing a semicolon after myList[i] = myList[j].

Page 259, in the sample run box for Exercise 6.21, change 7 to 8.

Chapter 7

Page 291, line 3, change 3-by-4 to 3-by-3.

Page 291, in the first line after the method header in Exercise 7.29, change "enter two lists" to "enter two arrays."

Chapter 9

Page 360, in line 14 in Listing 9.5, change it to "Split items from a string".

Chapter 10

Page 382, in Figure 10.6, swap the last two numerals 1 and 1.. 3 in the diagram.

Page 394, in Figure 10.14, longVlaue should be longValue.

Chapter 11

Page 422, the first line in the output box for Listing 11.5, change "Color is white" to ""Color is red."

Chapter 12

Page 473, line 1, change java.swing to javax.swing.

Chapter 13

Page 504, Insert the following paragraph before Section 13.10.

"The current hour, minute, and second is obtained by using the GregorianCalendar class (lines 102-110). The GregorianCalendar class in the Java API enables you to create a Calendar instance for the current time using its no-arg constructor. You can then use its methods get(Calendar.HOUR), get(Calendar.MINUTE), and get(Calendar.SECOND) to return the hour, minute, and second from a Calendar object. The classes Calendar and GregorianCalendar class will be further discussed in Section 15.4."

Page 513, line -2, change hexagon to octagon.

Chapter 14

Page 539, line 13 in Listing 14.12, change CircleWithException to CircleWithCustomException.

Page 540, change 0 to 1 in the output box for Listing 14.12.

Page 544, in Listing 14.13, line 2, change IoException to Exception.

Chapter 15

Page 566, line -2, Change the sentence to "Key Point for Section 15.7 to "If the doubleValue() method were not defined in the Number class, you will not ..."

Page 577, Replace Check Point Question 15.21 with a new one here.

Page 577, Change the Key Point for Section 15.7 to "The Cloneable interface specifies that an object can be cloned."

Chapter 16

Page 603, Table 16.1, "select a new item ..." is listed twice. delete the first one.

Chapter 18

Page 704, in Figure 18.28, change number of slots in the text field from 7/9/12 to 6/8/11.

Page 706, Change "Redraw Rectangles" to  "Redraw Triangles" in Figure 18.32c.

Chapter 19

Page 715, code listing line 23 in Listing 19.1, change "Close the output stream" to "Close the input stream."

Page 726, line 10 in Listing 19.6, change the comment to "Read a string, double value, and object from the file".

Chapter 21

Page 777, the comment line in line 41, change list[i+1...list.length-2] to list[i...list.length-1].

Chapter 22

Page 827, Figure 22.20, change "experssion" to "expression".

Chapter 23

Page 831, two lines before Listing 23.1, change an iterator to a for-each loop.

Chapter 25

Page 922, line 7, change descending to ascending.

Chapter 26

Page 939, In Figure 26.8, change "last = head" to "tail = head".

Chapter 27

Page 995, Programming Exercise 27.22, change the number of objects from 5 to 6 in the Sample Output.

Page 995, Programming Exercise 27.23, change the number of objects from 5 to 6 in the Sample Output.

Chapter 28

Page 1004, in Figure 28.6, change key:27 to key:28 and change key:23 to key:21.

Chapter 32

Page 1038, in line 2 in the first paragraph in Section 32.6, change "the most" to "most".

Chapter 34

Page 1235, first line in the second paragraph in Section 34.5, change preparedStatement to prepareStatement.

Page 1236, three lines before Listing 34.3, change preparedStatement to prepareStatement.


Sandi Snyder (Ozarks Technical Community College), James Chegwidden (Tarrant County College), Danijel Abramović (Siemens), Claudio Valderrama C. (SW developer, consultant), Bryan Cool (University of Missouri, St. Louis), Derek Snow (University of South Alabama), Andreas Jordan (Australia), John Logan (San José State University), Brad Shank (Indiana Tech), Jeremy Barksdale (NC A&T State University), Ralph Kelsey (Ohio University), John Towell (Carroll College), Vedat COSKUN (Turkey), Ray Toal (Loyola Marymount University), Ken Lodge (Charles Sturt University, Australia), Scott Nigel (California Lutheran University), Brandy DePhillip (Windsor Continental Corporation), John Collier, Wayo Puyati (UBU, Thailand), Elnur Abdurrakhimov (Russia), David Dorenbos (Software Engineering Research Center, IL), Trevor Bowen (Adtran Mixed Signal IC Tools and Methodology), Haining Chen (Bethel College), Lawrence Mao (University of Northern Florida), Michael J. Ondrasek (Wright State University), Michael Hamm (Armstrong Atlantic State University), Kevin Stolp (Orange County College), Paolo Galtieri, Ken Martin (University of Northern Florida), David Winfield, Jerry Keeney (University of Maryland), Jae Wook Shin, Charon Leith (St. Petersburg College, Florida), Jian Zhang (Texas Women's University), Jeremy Haberman, Kevin Eisinger, Dave Poplawski (Michigan Technological University), Ashwin Kansagra, MD, Sydney Wu, Erin Wenham (University of Southern Florida), Victor Shoup (NYU), Virgil Grogean (Wright State University), Dave Busse (Chattahoochee Tech), Henk Schotel (Netherlands), Trond Borgen Mork (Ericsson Norway), Thomas Warren (Emory University), Vincent Le Corre (France), Kyle Walker, David Blech (NYCCT CUNY), Tely Diallo (NSF), Brian David Backstrom (Century College), Michael An, Patrick Wijntjes (The Netherlands), Stefan Andrei (Lamar University), Damien O'Brien (Australia), Chuck Burchard (PSU), Noemi Talamantes (U of Texas, Dallas), Eddie Gerlach, Jeremiah Oon (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore), Christopher Gooley (Northern Virginia Community College), Georgios Christodoulakis, Matthew Stone, Amanda Rollason (Kennesaw State University), Thomas R. Cooke (University of Maryland), GAO SHI (HKUST), Mark Lewton, Rahul Nilange, Michael P. Rogers (Northwest Missouri State), Zachary Farnsworth (University of Maryland).

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