1. Can you give me suggestions for creating projects other than the ones in the text?

Creating projects consistently.

Creating projects incorrectly is a common mistake for new JBuilder users. I recommend you to create your projects consistently with one uniform pattern. I ask my students to use floppy disks so that they can use the same programs at home and in the school. I ask them to create new projects as shown in Figure 1.13 on page 19 except the following:

A. Replace c:/example by a:/theirname.

B. Replace chapter1 by chapterx for exercises in Chapter x.

Also see CAUTION on page 21.

2.  I have a chapter2 project (c:\java\chapter2) that includes MyInput.java, and I also have a lab project (c:\java\lab) that has Lab1.java, I thought all I have to do is to import chapter2.MyInput in the body of the Lab.java header.

Yes. Provided that your project path settings are correct. This question is related to Question 1.

Make sure that the source path is c:\java and the output path is c:\java (Please refer to Figure 1.14 on Page 19. In this figure, the source path and output are c:\example.) Your Lab1.java should have the following header:

package lab;

import chapter2.MyInput;

3. How do I obtain the JB 4 Key/Serial number?

A: You have to register with Borland at (http://www.borland.com/jbuilder/foundation/download/) to get the key and serial number.

4. I am using JBuilder 4. I got the following error, whenever I compile a file.

Error #: 750: initialization error:
com.borland.compiler.symtab.LoadError: neither class nor source file 
for java.lang.Object

A: Open the project properties dialog box. Double click the ellipses in the JDK field in the Paths page to display Select a JDK dialog box. Select JDK 1.3.0-c.

You may already have it selected, but doing it again seems to fix the problem.

If this does not work, create a new JDK 1.3 from the Select a JDK dialog box. Then select this new JDK 1.3.

5. I cannot access Self-Test.

A: Try it from home through an ISP like AOL. Ask your classmates if they have trouble to access the site. Email me to liangjava@yahoo.com if the server is down for more than one day. Users from some companies cannot access Self Test due to their firewalls. 

6. Can I get solutions for all exercises?

The solutions for the even-numbered exercises are in the CD-ROM. The solutions for  odd-numbered exercises are for instructors only.

7. How to set path and classpath on Windows NT/2000?

 Choose System from the Control Panel to display the System Properties dialog box. Choose Advance from the System Properties. Click Environment Variables to display the Environment Variables dialog box. You can now create environment variables for path and classpath in the System variables section.

8. I cannot see the Java applets from Netscape 6?

1.  Uninstall any JDK and JRE. To do so, choose Add/Remove Programs from the Control Panel to display the Add/Remove Programs dialog box. Click on the program you wish to remove and click Yes to remove it.

2. Reinstall JDK 1.4. You can download it from http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4/download.html.

3. Once you have installed JDK 1.4, you should be able to see Java 2 applets from Netscape 6 or Internet Explorer 6.