Frequently Asked Questions for Instructors

1. Where can I see a demo of REVEL for Liang Java?

Your Pearson rep can arrange a demo. If you don’t know your rep’s name, Pearson’s Rep Locator will find the sales representative assigned to your school.

2. How do I create an instructor account for REVEL?

Go to to create an instructor account. Once you're in REVEL, search for Liang to locate REVEL for Liang Java. You can now create a course using REVEL for Liang Java.

3. How do my students create account for REVEL?

After a course is created, the instructor can obtain the course link by clicking Inviting Students. Email the link to your students. Your students can access the course from this link.

4. How do I obtain instructor support material?

Go to TOC, Welcome, Note to Instructors to locate the link to Instructor Resource Center.

5. How do my students access support material?

Go to TOC, Supplement Material.

6. Are the bonus chapters included in the REVEL book?

Yes. Bonus Chapters 30-43 cover multithreads, parallel programming, networking, database, Web programming, advanced data structures, collection streams, etc are accessible from the REVEL book under Supplement Material from the TOC.

7. How do I create assignments?

Go to TOC, Add Assignments, Select Content, Preview Assignments, Publish Assignments.

Please send questions, errata, and suggestions to Dr. Liang at Thank you for helping improve the book!