Accessing the Instructor Materials

In order to access the materials on this site, you must request the user name and password for this site from your Prentice Hall Sales Rep. If you don’t know your rep’s name, Prentice Hall’s Rep Locator will find the sales representative assigned to your school.

If you already have a login user name and password, click here to continue. Here is a summary of the contents in the Instructor Resource Website:

Interactive and Animated Slides

The slides for this book are not simply chapter outlines. These 800+ interactive and animated slides can truly help instructors deliver the lecture material effectively and bring the illustrations from the text live to the classroom.

  • Interactive: You can view the syntax-highlighted source code and run programs live from the slides.
  • Animated: You can trace program execution using animation.

Full Programming Exercise Solutions

Solutions to even-numbered exercises are provided to students. Instructors can access solutions to all exercises.

UML Diagram Solutions

UML diagram solutions to even-numbered exercises are provided to students. Instructors can access solutions to all exercises.

Quiz Generator

Quiz Generator generates quizzes from a large test bank of more than 1000 multiple choice questions.


Click here to access LiveLab.

The signup code for LiveLab will be seen once you enter the password protected instructor Website.

Sample Projects

Sample projects with solutions are provided.  In general, each project gives a description and asks students to analyze, design, and implement the project.

Sample Exams

Samples exam with solutions are provided. In general, each exam has four parts:

  • multiple-choice questions or short-answer questions (Most of these questions are different from the ones in the Self-Test on the Web site);
  • correct programming errors
  • trace programs
  • write programs

Sample Exams with ABET Course Assessment

Many of our users are from the ABET-accredited programs. A key component of the ABET accreditation is to identify the weakness through continuous course assessment against the course outcomes. We provide sample course outcomes for the courses and sample exams for measuring course outcomes in this Website. Here are three samples: (you need to login to this IR site to see the samples)